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Weighing in at a little over one kilogram, your liver is a complex chemical factory that works 24 hours a day.


I wonder why I am often not given the same importance as my colleagues and co-organs, the heart or the brain. Well, I am as important for your health.


The many medicines available for my ailing condition serves well to buy time till I am able to mend myself, which I do quite well and quite often.


I may be afflicted with a wide variety of conditions: infections-acute or chronic hepatitis of which there are several varieties, hardening of my substance (cirrhosis).

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About Liver Care

Let me tell you where I Reside

I reside below your diaphragm, behind the right ribs, in close proximity to the gall bladder and stomach. You will feel my presence only when I’m overgrown and supersizing myself (not good for you), your doctor is well aware of my resting place.

What do I look like?

I am firm, toned and a mass of fragile dark red tissue. I assure you, despite my fragility, I endow you with strength and stamina. To your utter surprise, shock or both, I happen to be the heaviest of your glands next to your skin, weighing a whopping 1.5 kilograms.

What I do for you: My Roles And Responsibilities

I am well behaved and a disciplined organ and rarely will trouble or put you in a mess. But if you do something really bad to me to get me all worked up, you may be inviting problems to yourself.

My Wish List (Humble yet un-granted)

In any case, how difficult is it to eat a balanced meal? Fats, salt, sugar in limited quantities, good, lean protein and complex carbs in healthy quantities, vegetables and fruits in generous quantities?

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